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the bridge academy

the bridge academy

The Bridge Academy is the secondary PRU for the London Borough of Fulham, providing full time education and support for up to 175 learners who are not accessing mainstream schools. The Offsted inspection in 2010 concluded: "The highly positive views expressed by parents and carers reflect the inspectors' judgements that The Bridge Academy offers an outstanding and life-changing standard of education."

The Academy aims to support the reintegration of learners into full time education in school, further education or employment. The development of learners' personal integrity, self-esteem and citizenship is central to all work. This is reflected in the priorities, based on Every Child Matters outcomes that are embedded in their improvement plan, which includes Be Healthy, Enjoy and Achieve, and Make a Positive Contribution. It goes without saying that inclusivity is the underlying objective of the school.

One of the key issues that often needs addressing is steering physical energy into a positive rather than negative direction. In addition it has been shown that children and young people who have participated in some form of physical activity are also more ready to learn.

As part of their commitment to these priorities the Academy purchased a Just for Schools dance mat package from fitnessgaming ltd that is used not only as a reward package but also to get the students taking part in an alternative form of exercise that they see as being part of their, rather than the teachers or authorities world. As the system is easily updatable when new games are released the investment has long term sustainability as well as being an instant attraction. The improvements in concentration levels through regular usage of the dance mats will also help in the academic arena.

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