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fitnessgaming add Primary Steps Maths and Phonics games to software options
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fitnessgaming add Primary Steps Maths and Phonics games to software options

Fitnessgaming is now offering Ink.learnings two software titles Primary Steps Maths and Primary Steps Phonics with their Just for Schools Dance Mat package (JFS). These learn-through-play games use dance mats as controllers for pupils to explore maths and phonics within targets created by their teacher. They add active learning games to the fitness gaming dance software provided with the JFS dance mat system.

Ink.learning and fitnessgaming have just reached an agreement for fitnessgaming to distribute Primary Steps Maths and Phonics games with the Cobalt Flux JFS packages for primary schools. This follows several months of collaboration that has included Ink.learning using a JFS dance mat on their stand at exhibitions. The agreement is part of Ink.learnings launch of Primary Steps into the rest of the UK market following its successful reception at the recent Scottish Learning Festival.

Primary Steps games use bold and original characters, a style that appeals to a young audience, the interactivity associated with home console games, and the activity of a dance mat to combine learning, physical activity and FUN. Primary Steps Maths is based on the established teaching curriculum together with a wide range of mathematical subjects that includes: understanding numbers, number facts, calculating, using, applying, counting, recognition, shapes and sequences. Primary Steps Phonics is designed to aid the tuition of synthetic phonics and can be used together with many different phonics programmes. A range of settings allows the teacher to tailor each game to suit individual and group needs.

The Cobalt Flux Just For Schools Dance Mat package has been sold to over 5500 schools and is a means of implementing Healthy Schools, PE and Sport, and Extended Schools government inititiatives aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of students. This improvement in turn has a positive impact on learning capability. So it is only natural to extend the range of software offered with the JFS package to include active learning games. Primary Steps runs on PCs or Macs with the Cobalt Flux mats, which also connect into games consoles including the Wii used in the JFS package Steve Flack at ink.learning said "We sell foam mats with the software ourselves which are fine for pupils, but are not robust enough on an exhibition stand where it is adults in shoes using the software. When fitnessgaming delivered the JFS mat to our exhibition stand we knew we had the long term answer - it just plugged in and we were up and dancing straight away".

Duncan Black of fitnessgaming commented: "getting pupils active whilst learning is the aim of fitnessgaming, and the Primary Steps games extend both the uses and the benefits of a dance mat system for primary schools. The last SATS results show that four in ten pupils leave primary school without a basic grounding in the three R's and Primary Steps is one very positive way of addressing this issue. At the end of January 2010 we will also be offering a compilation of 40 dance mat mini games that are designed to test the participant's physical, mental or musical skills. These active learning games for the JFS are just the start of a range of such games across all our dance mat systems. We have some very exciting ideas for genuine cross curricula fitness games using dance mats and other input peripherals for Blufit, the top of the range wireless multiplayer fitnessgaming system. Blufit comes preloaded with dance software called Street Feet, and Cobalt Flux have just announced that a virtual athletics game called Fleet Feet will be the next release for Blufit, with many more to come.

Further details of the Primary Steps games options are available from Duncan Black using this
email link or call 0845 459 4460

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