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Youth Clubs and Neighbourhood Services

Youth Clubs and Neighbourhood Services

Dance mats are an excellent offering for youth clubs and family or neighbourhood development centres, and fitnessgaming have a choice of different systems from Cobalt Flux that suit differing requirements. Follow these links to news items about our dance mats at: Basingstoke Summer Streetz Reduces Anti-social Behaviour by 45%; the Colin Youth Development Centre Belfast (image right); and Ryland Youth Centre in the Midlands

Their popularity with providers is not surprising as :-

  • Younger age groups engage with it as they see it coming from their world
  • Because it is fun children exercise without thinking about it
  • The software allows all ages and abilities to participate at the same time

And essentially, the research shows that they provide a truly aerobic activity that contributes to the target of five hours of activity a week and the attendant health and other benefits targetted by Extended Services in the community.

The product range includes the very popular entry level Danceclub dance mats with the Danceclub H hand dancer inclusivity option, the top of the range Game2Move 4-32 mat system and the two mat fixed system is called the Pulse 2.

The Danceclub system is popular because it fits most youth services budgets without any compromise in specification and features. The product features that primary schools find attractive are
  • Danceclub dance mats are robust and durable.
  • dance software that is cheap and widely available as it runs on the Nintendo Wii, and means updates are regularly published.
  • Little supervision is required as the game can be controlled by the players on the dance mats
  • There are game modes for teams as well as individuals
  • The same games can be played at home with the family,
  • A choice of dance games for the Wii

We can if required supply a portable audio visual package for the JFS system that includes projector, sound system and power strip, in a wheeled holdall that also has space for the Wii in its vault, dance mat cables, software, and optional wireless retrofit kit.

Colin Youth Development Centre
Colin Youth Development Centre

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