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The UK's First Dance Dance Revolution Dance Mat Club

The UK's First Dance Dance Revolution Dance Mat Club

Image right: Nintendo UK supported the grand opening of the Club by sending their most famous characters the Mario Brothers along to celebrate with staff and DDR club members.

The first school in the UK to launch a Dance Dance Revolution Dance Mat club has opened its doors at The Oaks Primary School, Crawley, West Sussex. The brainchild of teacher Chris McGivern, the Guinness World Endurance record holder on an arcade dance machine, the club is focusing on getting children to be more active and participate more in physical activity through the use of computer gaming technology.

Using a 4 player dance mat system, the Nintendo Wii® and a wide range of physically and mentally stimulating games, all supplied by fitnessgaming ltd, the club aims to inspire and motivate the children of the school to become healthier and more active.

McGivern commented "Through my personal experience I know how engaging and fun using dance mats can be and also the wide range of physical and psychological benefits that can be gained from regular participation. I wanted to bring this stimulating and fun activity to the children at The Oaks and get them to really enjoy exercising. The Club will provide sessions during Extended Services hours and the idea is to introduce not only standard sessions but also to get a competition structure, both for individuals and teams started. The Dance Dance Revolution software supplied by fitnessgaming ltd is ideal for both styles of competition."

Duncan Black, Director at fitnessgaming ltd stated "It is great to see someone really grabbing hold of this concept and driving it along. Schools need an individual with Chris's passion to make the most of this development and fitnessgaming is proud to be associated with the launch of the club."

The equipment package, which was fully funded through a successful Awards for All bid, also includes the Primary Steps Maths and Synthetic Phonics software which enables the dance mats to be used in the classrooms to help the younger children with other areas of their academic development.

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