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Classroom Medics

Classroom Medics

As part of its campaign to highlight the dangers of unhealthy lifestyles to young people, Classroom Medics has teamed up with fitnessgaming (www.fitnessgaming.co.uk) to enhance its Health MOT sessions for students. Classroom Medics tours the country's schools giving a series of workshops designed to highlight the dangers of drugs, knife crime and unhealthy lifestyles. To present the dangers of drugs, smoking and inactivity, Classroom Medics utilise 'Stan' - a mannequin first developed by United States army in 1980s - to simulate how these effect and age the human body. As part of thiese workshops, Classroom Medics has added dancing to its series of physical activities. fitnessgaming's dance mat technology provides a fun and inclusive activity for students who need an alternative to traditional sporting activities..

The key to involving all young people in sport and PE is to re-engage those who choose not to take part in more traditional sports such as cross country, hockey or netball. fitnessgaming believes that schools need to be flexible in the sporting activities they provide and embrace activities that are more suited to today's youth. In the process, this will help make sport and fitness something they enjoy and not to be avoided. The software behind the dance mat technology is compatible with all major games consoles and PCs, including the Playstation 2 and Nintendo Wii, making them easy to set up, fun to use and a more affordable alternative compared with other expensive proprietary systems.

Tom Warrender, Founder of Classroom Medics, commented: "With so many reports of our young people being increasingly unhealthy, it is vital that they are presented with a variety of activities to encourage physical activity. By including fitnessgaming's dancing systems alongside our other activities, such as athletics and rowing, we are ensuring that students have a sport that they find fun and engaging. When we use the dance mats in our workshops, students are very keen to take part and really enjoy competing against their peers as individuals as well as in teams."

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Duncan Black, Director at fitnessgaming, comments: "With so many sedentary activities currently available to young people, offering them a range of sporting alternatives is so important to their long-term health. Although advances in technology and computer games are often blamed for children staying indoors and avoiding exercise, there are new and innovative ways of using this technology to engage children in sporting activities. Organisations such as Classroom Medics are vital for ensuring that students are aware of the potential dangers associated with unhealthy lifestyles and we are delighted that they have teamed up with fitnessgaming to expand the range of activities they offer."

Classroom Medics' range of workshops covers science & health, sports science and the dangers of drugs & smoking, with each course lasting approximately one hour. Dancing, through the utilisation of fitnessgaming's 4-mat system, has been added to its Health & Fitness MOT. In addition to encouraging regular physical activity, this session offers a series of hands-on activities to support the science curriculum at all levels. Students are able to record and monitor their own physiology, including their lung sizes and efficiency, the angle of their heart in their chest, examine x-rays, measure blood pressures and video the inside of their ears.

Founded in 2008, Classroom Medics have already held workshops in more than 100 schools. They won the Best Business Plan at the 2009 Startup Awards and founder Tom Warrender has been named one of the UK's top 42 entrepreneurs. Classroom Medics are holding a number of workshops throughout the year across the country. To see when they will be in your area, please visit: http://www.classroommedics.co.uk/tour.html

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