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Street Feet Dance Software
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Street Feet Dance Software

The images above have been sequenced to show you a bit more about Blufit and Street Feet. To expand the smaller images first place your mouse pointer over your selection (whereupon you will get a description), then single click and it will expand.

In sequence from top left:

  1. Street Feet mode selection screen.
    • Street mode provides rewards for meeting the dance challenges just as in console games,
    • Playlist mode is a workout programme with target setting either in calories to be burnt or length of time danced
    • Roster is the powerful player sequencing mode that enables multiple consecutive players on one mat to have their individual and team data recorded. This is a common feature of many console games.
  2. Player PIN entry screen which also links the player via the internet to the performance recording site.
  3. Track selection screen, using the carousel or wheel format.
  4. Difficulty Selection Screen, options being Moderate, Hard, Expert and Pro. These are on the four arrow levels, the two easy levels being two or three arrows to make six levels in total. See the next two screens for images of users on two, three and four arrow levels
  5. Dance Screen. This shows four players each having their own set of arrows, just like DDR on the Wii. Each player gets judgement on each step as they dance and their current combo. Each players score is visible, and their coloured icon gives them their ranking position down at the bottom. The left and right players arrow streams demonstrate how easy it is to start playing as they only have the left and right arrows in play, the centre two players having all four in play although on different difficulty levels.
  6. Dance screen with only two players logged on, one of whom is using an easy level with three arrows (left, right, forward).
  7. Street Feet Player Evaluation Screen one of two, the other having the max combo on it.

Other Blufit benefits:

  • Online competitions, virtual or realtime
  • Remote access to the website so users can analyse their data anywhere. This is ideal for use in the school environment to enable the real data produced to be used in other areas of the curriculum.
  • Each of the four-mat consoles can be run together as part of a larger system or independently in its own right. So you could have four players on Street Feet and four on Fleet Feet. Click on this link to see what Fleet Feet is all about.

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