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Update: Two Blackburn Secondary Schools Darwen Vale and Witton Park, have each recently purchased our Danceclub 4 dance mat package, following the supply of the system to a cluster of Blackburn primary schools in 2011.

School Dance Mats

Whether you are a Primary School, Secondary School, Sports College, SSP, SEN site or PRU, Danceclub have a schools dance mat package to meet your particular needs. Whatever type of school, Danceclub dance mats will help you fulfil any or all of the PE and Sports Strategy for Young People, the Healthy Schools Initiative and the Extended Schools "varied menu of activities" objectives. Only Danceclub have a range of dance mat packages that have been formulated for the various needs of the different sectors of Education.

To see the Danceclub 1-4 mat range including practice mats follow this link to the Danceclub dancemats page

For a discussion of your requirements please call Danceclub on 0845 459 4460 or click any of the Request buttons above. Or if you would rather see more about how schools in different areas of Education are using Danceclub packages to meet Government initiatives, the research showing the benefits from dance mats, and availability of grants, click on the links below.

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The packages now range from the Danceclub 1 - 4 mat budget/entry level range to the ultimate specification for wireless multiplayer dance mat systems, the Game2Move (G2M) 4 to 32 mat system with other fitness games coming in addition to dance. G2M's ability to support other games is the minimum requirement for best value from your investment in a dance mat system.

Research supporting the positive benefits of providing dance mats, is growing, see below: Why schools are considering dance mats: the benefits

But first of all,

Why are schools considering Dance Mats from Danceclub?

Durability and reliability - 30 million dance hours on the Danceclub design since 2003 means that any reliability issues were resolved a long time ago, well before any other supplier even brought their product to market.

Comprehensive coverage for all levels of education - Primary schools can now afford a dance mat system, and how better to promote an active lifestyle than to ensure one of children's first experiences of exercise is really fun.

Affordability. Until now only one option has been available, a wireless multiplayer system. With Danceclub our minimum sale is one dance mat!

Competitions. More dance mats systems spread around more schools means local interschool competitions can be more easily set up.

Truly interactive system. Every Danceclub dance mat user has their own set of target arrows and step arrows. This means that they can respond exactly to what is happening on their section of the screen. Projector based multiplayer systems have a set of target and step arrows for each level of difficulty, and with only one mat on each difficulty level showing results on the screen. This means only one person can see real-time the results of their actions. It is a bit like having a sprint race, and having all competitors but one blindfolded.

System Flexibility and Growth. There are other games beingdeveloped for the G2M system. This makes the whole system unique and more flexible than any other available. It also provides more development opportunities, increasing sustainability and protecting the investment.

Home links. The Danceclub system uses the Wii and Wii software which is readily available for home. The school can communicate with parents about the example it is setting, and encourage them to practice with their children at home - if the pupils have not already done so!

Why schools are considering dance mats: the benefits

Fitness and active gaming has become the way to attract pupils to exercise without them even realising that they are doing it! Team and individual competitive sports still have an important part to play in the development of children, however there are many more options that ensure you can engage all students, not just the traditional "sports stars", and take a step towards the 5 active hours target. This was recognised in the Change 4 Life programme as the campaigns advertising includes people on dance mats.

The key with fitness gaming as represented by Danceclub dance mats is that kids engage eagerly with the activity as they see it as coming from their world and not being imposed on them by adults. The focus of the pupil is on the game, the result is that they engage for longer periods, undertake more vigorous exercise and yet still remember it as fun.

And it is taken seriously by medical professionals. In their Annual Report the Chief Medical Officer highlighted research that indicated that fitness gaming was a means of addressing childhood obesity by changing participants from sedentary gamers to active ones with an elevated heart rate. There is also research into dance mat users from the USA that confirms that this occurs at even moderate skill levels, and highlights a number of other benefits to both pupil and school.

If you are still sceptical about the benefits, see what 5 minutes on a dance mat does to the oxygen demand of this dancers cardiovascular system. If you fast forward (put your mouse pointer on the indicator bar at the bottom so that the time comes up, then run it along until it shows 4.35, then click) you can hear that the dancer is breathing very heavily as a consequence of the exercise she has just undertaken.

Dance mats are being used during PE classes, breaks, lunchtimes and in after school / holiday clubs in many school districts in the USA. Students, teachers and parents are very pleased with the results (Barker 2005, Shasek 2004, Hindery 2005). Teachers report that even the students on the practice mats not connected to the consoles are happy to participate.

Improvements in self image, classroom behaviour, social success, leadership skills, teamwork, academic performance and a reduction in absenteeism as a result of using dance mats have been demonstrated during a 5 month study of 120 pupils in Oregon (Shasek 2004). This reflects many other studies showing the benefits of physical activity to students.


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