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Regency High School SEN Sports College

Regency High School SEN Sports College

Image right: the Regency High School Prom

Regency High School Sports College in Worcester has recently invested in two dance mat systems, a Cobalt Flux Just for Schools and a Dancetown special needs system from fitnessgaming ltd. The school, which caters for children with a wide range of learning and physical diabilities, takes the physical development of its students seriously and is always looking for new ways of inspiring the pupils with exciting and engaging activities.
The Just for Schools mats, Hand Dance pro and safety surrounds are able to be used with both the Dance Dance Revolution software on the Wii and the specialized Dancetown software.
Duncan Black, Director at fitnessgaming says "The students at Regency High have many problems to overcome and ensuring they are undertaking an adequate level of physical activity can be difficult. Both dance mat systems provide high levels of engagement for a broad cross section of students at the college. The very easy start levels (left and right arrows only) , the fact that the arrows can be slowed down and the target zone made much wider has allowed most children to achieve some degree of success, however severe their disability. This means that the children are keen to participate further"
Black further commented "It is great to see the reaction of the pupils at Regency High to the fitnessgaming products, and the engagement of some pupils who previously would not participate or engage in any type of activity is a testament to the value of using different systems for different groups of children and the inclusion of those who are also unable to use their lower limbs"
Just for Schools and Dancetown systems offer an effective and reliable solution for those schools looking to work with smaller groups of children either in curriculum time or as part of an extended schools offering. The mat quality is identical to the Blufit wireless multiplayer system from fitnessgaming .


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