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PESSYP and the 5 Hour Offer

PESSYP and the 5 Hour Offer

We are sometimes asked if dance mats are real PE. And the answer is yes, in the context of the PESSYP (see the PE and Sport Strategy for Young People: A Guide to Delivering the Five Hour Offer). The objective is to increase participation by all young people in PE and sports and the big challenge is to engage the disengaged, which the Guide states can be met by offering alternative sports.

Danceclub dance mat packages meet all the criteria to engage the disengaged and in particular the specific groups identified for alternative sports. These groups are: girls; young people with disabilities; those who are from black and minority ethnic backgrounds; those who come from poorer families; and those who are overweight or obese.

Use the links below for further information:-

  • Follow this link to read about Tamworth Secondary Schools dance mats.
  • Dance games provide real aerobic fitness and so contribute to the 5 hours offer provision, follow this link to a summary of research for further information.
  • Fun comes as standard in all the games in both our Danceclub Wii Games and Game2Move top of the range system.
  • The 5 Hour Offer Guide includes provision for specific disengaged groups. All of those groups are very attracted to our dance mats, and there are features that promote participation: widely differing abilities and ages can compete at the same time; the Danceclub H hand dancer inclusivity option is available; and the packages have applications within SEN.
  • Our dance mat packages are also ideal for meeting the target of 2 hours of physical activity a week in the Healthy Schools initiative, and provide a varied menu of activities highly suitable for Extended Schools clubs.
  • Our dance packages extend participation to home and family, and local authority youth clubs and similar extended neighbourhood services.
  • Usability means that the system, once set up, can be run by the participants themselves without any significant supervision as the games can be controlled from the dance mats.

The package that spreads your budget and the activity the furthest are the Danceclub dancemats as used by Tamworth Secondary Schools. Our top of the range system that gets the most pupils active at the same time is the Game2Move 4-32 mat system with other games using dance mats as controllers in development.

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