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Fleet Feet and other games for Blufit
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Fleet Feet and other games for Blufit


Coming soon, the second game for Blufit, Fleet Feet. This is a track and field event game where you race your avatar on the screen in a 3D athletics stadium against your fellow fitness gamers. Stepping faster on the dance mat makes you go faster - unless of course it is a longer distance race, in which case pacing will be vital if you want to win.

If running or hurdles are not your event, have a go at the long jump or triple jump. However many events you participate in, you will experience the exhilaration of competing in a major stadium.

The team and roster feature of Blufit facilitates individual and team competitions and the performance recording website records calories burnt.

The events list for the first release of Fleet Feet is:

  • 100, 200, 400 and 800 metres sprint
  • 1500 metres race
  • Relay races
  • Long and Triple Jump
  • Hurdles
  • Javelin
  • Archery

In Fleet Feet 2 an additional input peripheral will be used to widen the range of events available.


fitnessgaming have announced a mini games package for Cobalt Flux's Blufit Multiplayer that uses the dance mats as controllers for a range of fitness and brain training games. . There will be different game modes, five levels of difficulty, and adjustable timer for answering the brain training questions. The package will include memory, maths, visualisation games and stroop testing in both familiar games formats (maze, whack a mole down the hole), and new ones. fitnessgaming already provide a 40 Mini games software option for the Just For Schools entry level dance mat packages, so there will be a mini games package across the whole multiplayer range. Further details will be announced when available


Further game releases are coming for all age ranges and interests making Blufit the only commercial multiplayer interactive gaming console with Wii/xb360/PS3 generation graphic quality. Many of the games will be active and interactive learning based, combining fun, learning and fitness, the perfect combination for a healthier future, whatever your age.

Click on this link to go tothe Street Feet information page.

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