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The Motivate Me Project: Fun fitness and fundraising for our children's future

Olivia West of the Sutton Coldfield based Motivate Me Project is using Danceclub dance mats to promote a healthy active lifestyle at childrens summer camps, schools and preschools in the Midlands and North West. The Project offers alternative and traditional sports that schools can use to engage students in healthy activity. The dance mats will also be used for a very important free service for schools, the Dance Donation Appeal Fundraiser event.

Olivia has always been heavily involved in sport and since leaving school has worked her way up to head coach at the age of 21 delivering a number of sports in schools across Birmingham. Her latest challenge is to make a positive change within communities by attracting children to a healthy active lifestyle. But instead of traditional workouts she will inspire them using fun fitness games and her coaching experience to provide pulse raising programmes. A successful application to Live Unltd for grant funding has made the acquisition of the dance mats and a set of Vigorboards possible, and The Motivate Me Project a reality. This equipment will be used to provide enjoyable physical activity programmes for preschools, schools, summer camps and youth clubs.

"I recently used the dance mats at a summer camp, the children loved them and it was great to see the boys and girls equally involved and so engaged in physical activity" said Olivia. "I want to provide ALL children with an opportunity to be involved in physical activity and inspire them to continue participation into adulthood. This helps their learning and development in other areas, so the earlier they start the better. And the Free Fundraiser is a good way for schools and PTAs to get their students active and raise money for the school, anybody wanting to run one can contact me on 07850125333 or admin@motivatemeproject.com".

Martin Wild from Danceclub who supplied the dance mats said: "we need role models out there in the local community inspiring everyone to be more active as well as the elite sports personalities. Olivia is just such a role model in the way she had the idea for Motive Me and then succeeded in getting the funding to make it all happen."
Motivate Me Project Summer activity camp

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