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Local authorities have been at the forefront of fitnessgaming provision as a consequence of a number of national and local initiatives to tackle the obesity problem threatening all age groups but in particular children.

Dance mat systems have been the core part of this provision however until now there have not been any packages available that provide arcade quality games with a wide range of different price points ensuring even the tightest budget can find something suitable.

From the Danceclub dance mats packages (in Studio Tech image below) with their flexibility to be used anywhere in the centreto the Game2Move 2-32 mat system, fitnessgaming has the answer.

Studio Tech at Bradley Stoke Leisure Centre (image below) was South Gloucs Leisure Ltd's venture into computer based childrens' activities. The converted squash court has proved to be a huge success with the dance mat system being a major attraction alongside webracing rowers and bikes. The whole of this package, including the dance mat system, rowers, cycles, computers, software and monitors can be provided for less than £15,000 creating excellent value for money and an exciting and inspirational environment for all ages.

Bradley Stoke - Studio: Tech
With all the attention on Inclusivity Danceclub can provide systems that cater for users with disabilities. From the Dancetown software programme and support frames for mats, and Danceclub H hand dancer for users in wheelchairs or who are poorly coordinated fitnessgaming can make your dance mat session/parties truly inclusive. Indeed, Kimberley Leisure Centre in Nottinghamshire have a full class's worth of four Danceclub H hand dancers.

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