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I-Gamesports package the Main Event at Watford University Technical College (UTC)

Watford UTC are using the i-GameSports package as both a fitness activity for all students, and to use as part of their vocational Event Management Course.

Watford UTC which opened in September 2014 provides employer and university led practical training for 14 to 18 year olds and has attracted high profile local employers as sponsors including international brands such as TNT and Hilton.

Paul Quinn, Senior Director at Watford UTC said: "We recognise that a healthy lifestyle has a positive impact on learning. The aim in our environment that treats students as young adults is to provide a range of activities that they want to choose, and I-Gamesports does exactly that. It is ideal for our Event Management Students to use as part of their training and development to run events, both here and at our family of local primary schools. We chose the I-Gamesports 32 mat package because it has both an athletics game and a dance game, and the mats are very light, so ideal to take out into the community for fun game sports. I had a great time in the demo, it took me back to sports day at school but without the rain and mud!"

And you can see for yourself that students want to use the I-Gamesports package by having either a demonstration or a free full day taster session at your school.

To request a free one day taster session, demonstration or for a quote please contact us using the buttons below:
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