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Extended Schools Services

Extended Schools Services

The central element of Extended Schools Services is a varied menu of activities to broaden pupils' interests and enhance achievement at school and in life. By promoting a positive approach to learning and schools, the result is more motivated, self confident pupils and improved attendance and behaviour.

The varied menu of activities will help pupils to keep fit and healthy, learn new skills, build on what they learn during the school day, have fun and relax.

Danceclub's dance mat packages provide a varied menu of activities and so contribute directly to the aims of Extended Schools and other initiatives. Fun, fitness, learning, usability, inclusivity and extendability are all important elements of our packages. Use the links for further information:-

  • Follow this link to see why Gainsborough Extended Schools purchased three dance mat packages for their area
  • Fun comes as standard in all the games in both our Danceclub entry level software and our Game2Move top of the range system
  • Dance games provide real aerobic fitness and so contribute to the Five Hour Offer, follow this link to a summary of research for further information or this link about Cornwall Healthy Schools.
  • Usability means that the system, once set up, can be run by the participants themselves without any significant supervision as the games can be controlled from the dance mats.
  • Our inclusivity covers a number of things: widely differing abilities and ages can compete at the same time, those disengaged from traditional PE are attracted to the activity, and the packages have applications and options within SEN.
  • Our dance packages extend participation to home and family, and local authority youth clubs and similar extended neighbourhood services.

The packages that spread your budget and the activity the furthest are the Danceclub dance mats as used by Gainsborough Extended Schools. Our top of the range system that gets the most pupils active at the same time is the Game2Move4 - 32 mat system with other active games that use dance mats as controllers being developed.

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