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Many PE teachers have realised they need specific fitness PE or sports equipment for their girls that will engage their minds as well as their bodies. Our dance mats will do just that, not because we say so but because PE teachers we have supplied around the country say that their girls love using them.

Dancemats will both increase your PE offering to girls and engage the ones that are disinterested in exercise let alone sport - without them realising it. These will increase the overall activity levels of your students.

Getting the commited to exercise is easy, but attracting the disengaged is a much harder task, particularly if they are teenage girls. Whilst the students will see dance mats differently from traditional girls Sports or PE equipment, PE teachers can be reassured by the Research into dance mats that they provide excellent exercise.

All schools have built up plenty of PE equipment for boys, but the amount and range of exercise equipment for girls is usually much smaller. The Danceclub dance mat range is a very cost effective entry level system that will extend the range of gym equipment primarily for girls
Dance Mats for Girls

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