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Basingstoke Summer Streetz

Basingstoke Summer Streetz

More young people benefited from the 2010 Summer Streetz school holiday activity programme including a large increase in the interactive gaming equipment provided by fitnessgaming ltd - thanks to support from a local employer and housing association.

Sponsorship from global specialty biopharmaceutical company Shire totaling £15,000 and from Kingfisher HVHS Housing Association (KHV) of £5,000 assured over half the funding for Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council's Summer Streetz project in 2010.

The programme, which offers a range of free evening activity sessions for 11 to 17-year-olds aimed at stopping boredom spilling over into community nuisance was expanded from 1 to 7 wards for 2010.

The Open Access Club, in which the dance mats were a key focus proved to be the most popular of the various activities provided.

In 2009 a 45% reduction in anti-social behavior was reported in the region in which Summer Streetz was delivered of which the majority was attributed to Summer Streetz, other regions only registering a 10% drop.

The scheme can be run in the extra areas due to the sponsorship funding and the council's new team of community development officers, working with the communities across the borough to set up groups and activities to meet local needs. And young people themselves helped to plan this year's activities programme.

fitnessgaming provided two more sets of Just for Schools dance mats and a mobile trainer which enable children to throw, kick and hit various objects at a series of lights providing not only sport specific training drills but also an outlet for aggression.

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